Company History

History of PT. SBP Indonesia

PT. SBP Indonesia was established on November 24, 1995 under the name PT. Tsutsunaka Plastic Indonesia is located in MM2100 Industrial Town, Jl. Bali I Block T-2 Cibitung Bekasi. The company is a PMA (Foreign Investment) whose shares are 100% owned by foreigners. The company consists of two shareholders namely Tsutsunaka Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.. Japan and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. of Japan.

At the beginning of the company has two production units lines such as C-1  Line and V-1 Line that produces plastic sheet PC (Polycarbonate) plastic and PVC sheet (Polyvinylcarbonate). Plastic sheets are marketed under the trademark “SUNLOID”. As time goes to increase the production capacity, in 1998 the company add more lines to manufacture polycarbonate plastic sheet with the name of the C-2 Line.

In 2001 the company expanded its business by building a new factory located in MM2100 Industrial Town Jl. Irian Blok NN 1-1 Cikarang Barat Bekasi and added two new line is C-21 and C-22, which also manufactures polycarbonate plastic sheet.

In July 2007 there is a ​​change in the composition of shareholders in PT. Tsutsunaka Plastic Indonesia by Sumitomo Bakelite Co. composition, .Ltd Japan by 75% shares, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Japan by 22.5% shares and PT. Mitsui Indonesia by 2.5% shares. And PT. Plastic Tsutsunaka Indonesia has changed its name to PT. SBP Indonesia.

In 2008 the Company uniting the first factory is located on Jl. Bali with its Plant 2 is located at Jalan Irian with efficiency goals. Thus PT. SBP Indonesia since 2008 only has one head office and factory are located in MM2100  Industrial Town Jl. Block NN 1-1 Irian West Cikarang Bekasi.

In 2009 there is a change of ownership of shares in PT. SBP Indonesia where SBS PTE, .Ltd own 1% of the shares and Sumitomo Bakelite Co., .Ltd. 99% of shares.

In 2010 the company expanded its business by adding new machines that produce bended sheet with the trademark “LUXXLITE”. Thus PT. SBP Indonesia produces plastic sheet with two trademarks, namely SUNLOID and LUXXLITE.

In 2013 in accordance with the regulations of the company that requires the government to foreign companies that have invested in Indonesia to expand its investment to Indonesian Citizen or legal entity in Indonesia, PT Indonesia SBP release its shares to Farida Law Office 1% of shares .

Until now PT. SBP Indonesia has about 150 employees including foreign workers and will continue to be committed to be the best polycarbonate sheet plastic company in Indonesia.