Product Features

SUNLOID & LUXLITE Polycarbonate


Excellent transparency and can be used for a covering material for building and for crop raising.

Impact Resistance

Very high impact resistance and does not easily break like corrugated boards made of FRP or acrylic or plate glass does.


Good physical properties can be maintained for a long period of time because light resistance treatment is applied to the surface exposed to sunlight.

Hot and Cold Temperature Resistance

Excellent in heat and low temperature resistance, is not deformed even at 110 Celsius and performance such as strength is hardly changed down to -20 Celsius.

Heat Insulating Properties

The heat conductivity is one fifth that of glass and thus is useful in saving energy by preventing heat loss.

Work Ability

Light and is not broken by drilling, cutting or fixing, so installation can be carried out safely.

UV Protection

Absorb almost 100% of harmful UV radiation that gives an influence to health and safety.

Physical Properties of SUNLOID & LUXLITE Polycarbonate

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Weather Test

Weather Test 2

Result for Aceelerated Weathering Test

The criteria for weatherability are appereance changes, transmittance changes and strength changes. SUNLOID PC changes very little for any item and shows excellent weatherability.

1. Measured using a sunshine weather-O-meter. WE-SUN MC type from Toyo Rika CO.,Ltd.
2. 3000Hr of sunshine weather-O-meter is equal to about 10 years of outdoor exposure.

Chemical which Affect SUNLOID PC : 

Type Chemicals
Whitening ( deterioration due to hydrolisis) Soda kaustik, kalium karbonat kaustik & amonia liquid
Yellowing Acid salpeter & acid perkosid liquid
Swelling and whitening Benzol, toluol, xylene, dioxin, aseton, methyl, ethyl, keton, methyl asetat, ethyl asetat, atilen trikhlor
Dissolution Kholird methyl, khlorid etilen, etan tetrakhol, kloroform